Read My New Ongoing Comic Series: Da Yomanville Gang

2016-07-18 10:24:01 by KeeperOfPork

I've decided to upload my ongoing comic series Da Yomanville Gang onto NG. It's a project that began back in 2008, but I have recently restarted the entire project with some major improvements, as I now have a better understanding in storytelling, character building and obviously drawing. I'd really appreciate it if you at least check out the first chapter here:

PLEASE take note that Newground isn't the first place this comic will be uploaded, since size restirctions are a bit of a problem. So if you're interested in Da Yomanville Gang, please consider visiting these sites too: or

Thanks again for your time and support so far. :)


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2016-07-19 22:48:16

Been enjoying everything so far, story and characters are compelling enough :)


2016-07-29 18:10:00

Why is everything you do a parody in 2015.

(Updated ) KeeperOfPork responds:

If you're asking why I've put 2015 in some video titles, it's because that was when they were originally published on YouTube. That was were I first started doing this animation thing.