Da Yomanville Gang is moving to WebToons & Patreon

2017-01-26 11:51:28 by KeeperOfPork

New Homes for future DYG chapters:

WebToons: http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/da-yomanville-gang/list?title_no=55308

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/KeeperOfPork

I have many reasons for moving DYG from this site, but the main reason I'm moving it from NewGrounds is simply because WebToons caters specifically for web comics unlike deviantArt or Newgrounds.

Also, any series that gets enough attention over there artists can get paid by the site monthly, but will require to meet deadlines. So in other words, there's even a possible job opportunity on WebToons, but I'm far from that possibility right now. Hopefully everyone is still willing to support DYG despite the new location and the small paywall. (Please read the info I left on Chapter 5 regarding free and paid releases.)

In the meantime, thanks for the continuous support! For those who don't wish to support DYG elsewhere, thank you anyway for the support on here at least! :)

Read My New Ongoing Comic Series: Da Yomanville Gang

2016-07-18 10:24:01 by KeeperOfPork

I've decided to upload my ongoing comic series Da Yomanville Gang onto NG. It's a project that began back in 2008, but I have recently restarted the entire project with some major improvements, as I now have a better understanding in storytelling, character building and obviously drawing. I'd really appreciate it if you at least check out the first chapter here:


PLEASE take note that Newground isn't the first place this comic will be uploaded, since size restirctions are a bit of a problem. So if you're interested in Da Yomanville Gang, please consider visiting these sites too: https://www.youtube.com/user/KeeperOfPork or http://keeperofpork.deviantart.com/

Thanks again for your time and support so far. :)

Go to my YouTube Channel for more!

2016-07-02 13:33:30 by KeeperOfPork

If you enjoy my content, first off thanks!. Secondly, please check out my YouTube channel if you want more:


Youtube is my primary site to upload animations, so not everything I create will be posted on Newgrounds. Nor will new videos be uploaded here first.

That's all I wanted to say, but again thanks for the warm welcome and for P-Bot for featuring my work! It certainly gave me a confidence boost seeing that. :')